Janelle & Daniel

This session was shot while I was having my promotional video filmed, and you guys, I couldn't stop photographing. I was following Janelle on Instagram for a while before this session and I felt like I already knew their family for years. When they arrived for their session and I saw their outfits I already knew it was going to be an amazing session! They let their oldest daughter Havilah to dance to Disney songs and then they even joined her themselves. It was honestly the most amazing thing to watch! I was dancing inside from happiness just seeing how happy they were!

If I could give only one advice to my clients before each session, it would be to be yourself and know that whatever you decide to do you are not judged! Pretend that you are alone and just have a blast (dance, sing, laugh, jump, kiss your loved ones etc...), trust me it will be so worth it :)


At the end of the day all we have is memories. Whether they are in your head or in a digital form of a video or in a form of a printed photograph... It's all we really have later on in life and it is truly dear to our heats and very valuable. I would be so honoured to capture your love and your very own special memory.