Outfit Guide

Outfit selection plays a very important role in the final photo/video result you will be getting. Of course it's up to you what outfit you will end up going with, however if you would like photos from your session to look similar to the ones you see in my galleries here or on my Instagram page, please follow this guide...

MAKE SURE YOU ARE COMFORTABLE IN YOUR OUTFIT. I WANT YOU TO BE ABLE TO DO ANY KIND OF MOVEMENT FREELY. its important that YOU LOVE what you are wearing and that you feel yourself in i! your outfit should be just a nice add on to the whole picture and the whole focus of the photoshoot should be on you and your loved ones!


  • Flowy loose pieces like tops, skirts and dresses are the best
  • Maxi dresses are a great option. They look great with most body types and they are easily mixed and matched with different shoes and accessories
  • If Maxi dress is not your style, jeans and a flowy top is also a great option!
  • Accessory options: hats, long open cardigan or a cropped fuzzy sweater
  • Silk/cotton scarf for warmer seasons or a thick/bulky scarf for winter and fall times
  • Please wear comfy shoes with low/medium heel or no heel at all

All the photos are from Pinterest


  • Tops: plain t-shirt, dress shirt, turtle neck sweater or an open cardigan.
  • Bottoms: classic skinny jeans, ripped jeans or cotton/wool pants
  • In some cases its ok to wear a hoodie if its styled with correct type of clothes. Make it look classy and less casual. If you consider wearing one, please ask me what will work best with it.
  • Avoid wearing baseball cap, running shoes and clothes with big logos/names on it.

All the photos are from Pinterest


  • Think simplicity while considering doing multiple layers with different textures.
  • Choose comfy clothes that your kid will be able to run around, jump and do all kind of fun things.

All the photos are from Pinterest

There are so many more outfit options! Just play around, don't be afraid! Feel free to message me photos of your outfit ideas or even different clothing pieces you are trying to put together. Doing some shopping in-store or online and can't decide between multiple options? Send me photos and we will decide together! This is actually one of my fave parts of the process, so fun and exciting!