It's trendy to say these days "I want to capture wild and free people". And yes I do too. But I also want to capture people who are more shy and don't always like to take photos taken.

My style of shooting is less posing and more lifestyle candid moments. Don't worry I do give a little bit of direction here and there, however my main goal is to keep it as real and raw as possible. We will play some silly games, do a little bit of running and lot of laughing. However if its not your style, thats totally fine. We can do more intimate and quiet session, where we can capture your bond. We can do anything

Sessions can be on a mountain hill, by the lake, at a coffee shop or in your home. I want to hear your story, what you like to do, your hobbies and what your favourite shows are. I want to find out as much information as possible, so we can do it your style. I want to capture your raw emotions and real you.


As I like to mention, in home sessions are one of my favourites! It allows my clients to be themselves in their own environment. Many clients are often afraid to do a session in their home thinking that it might be not good enough, not clean, not new etc... but trust me these factors are really not important. What really matters is a window or couple of them so we can get some natural light. And thats it. Really. If your house is older, thats ok, it gives your place its own unique character! If you have a mess in one corner, don't worry, we will take photos in the other corner! I am a mom and a wife, and a busy working person if anything, and I know that its almost impossible to have a perfectly clean place at all times. So just relax, and enjoy yourself, your loved ones and your cozy space, and I will be so honoured to capture your magic!

thinking of booking your photo or video session?

At the end of the day all we have is memories. Whether they are in your head or in a digital form of a video or in a form of a printed photograph... It's all we really have later on in life and it is truly dear to our heats and very valuable. I would be so honoured to capture your love and your very own special memory.