ahh this is really my new favourite. i loooove doing video sessions for my clients. pictures are truly amazing, but think about having your memory captured in motion. your kid's smile, the way your loved one looks at you, the little moments in between that is hard to capture with photographs but is such a treasure to have years later to watch and remember your life at that moment in time.



Alex + Judah

Everything was perfect about this video session. The light was so soft and magical.. their cutest house was so cozy and had that unique character to it. And of course Alex and Judah... so sweet and so in love. 💛

Lindsay + Brent

I am loving in home sessions during cold season (and of course any other seasons haha). You can have the coziest memories captured with your loved ones within your home, or your own chaos, which is always a beautiful memory to have years later. There is so much warmth and so much love in the little bubble of this adorable family.

Song by the father of this family, Brent Carmichael

Amanda + Simon

I’ve seen that Amanda was painting their wall black and I had that vision of doing a session where they paint their wall, try to paint each other while having lots of laughter and then have a sweet intimate moment at the end..💛

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